Group Classes     

We provide a wide range of group classes in both Art and Music, check this page periodically or subscribe to our email list for updates.

Group classes are a very accessible way to provide music and art instruction at a very low cost with the highest quality. For this reason we ask that you call ahead and reserve your spot for each class. Spots are limited to maintain quality instruction. Call 407-255-7520 or email us at to reserve your spot. Use the buttons on the side to reserve your spot in the class. You can also log into our 'Member's Login' Page to view the full schedule and reserve spots in the classes.


Voice Class

In this weekley group lesson singers will journey through the importance of healthy singing technique, learn about vocal anatomy, proper breathing, balanced tone, harmony, as well as vocal registers and vocal health. Together we will explore fun and engaging repertoir that will encourage us to implement all the aspects of singing that we will learn in class. We will work towards collective performances at the end of each semester. This is an ensemble class but beginners are welcomed! Expect broadway, pop favorites and classic songs to excite you in this great vocal experience! Group Voice Class meets every Friday from 5:30pm to 6:25pm starting October 9th.

Violin Class

Explore our beginner violin group class! Our course will cover posture, holding the violin and bow, basic technique, scales and lots of fun repetoire! Experience being part of an ensemble. Learn essentials skills such as leading and following, as well as listening to yourself and others. Enhance your musicianship, confidence, and be encouraged with this group class! All ages are welcome! Group Violin Class meets every Tuesday from 5pm to 5:55pm starting October 6th.

Guitar Class

This group class is centered around teamwork and artistry. Students will be engaged and educated about the dynamics that come with being in an ensemble setting. You will learn proper technique, posture, and basic musicianship skills to communicate in an ensemble setting. Young and old students alike will play together, creating bonds and beautiful music. This is an ensemble class, and private guitar instruction is required in order to join this ensemble. Students will give an ensemble performance at the end of every semester.

Percussion Ensemble Class

Rhythm is our business in this class! We will be covering technique and musical fundamentals in an ensemble setting, teaching our students how to listen, connect, and blend as one musical group. Students will learn how to play and perform on a diverse range of instruments, including Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Snare Drum, Drumset, Xylophone, and other percussion instruments. Our repertoire will be bold, interesting, and extremely fun! Not only will this be a study of music and rhythm, but of cultures across the world as well.The class meets every Tuesday at 5:30pm starting October 6th.


Little Picasso's Art Class

- For 3rd Grade and under -


We believe that students of any age are capable of creating fantastic pieces of art. This is a class designed to cater to our younger artists. Lessons are centered around making fun, exciting artwork which simultaneously teaches fundamental art concepts. We teach our Little Picasso's class to work in various types of artistic mediums, including seemingly challenging mediums such as paint and collage. Class meets every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30pm to 5:20pm.

Beginner Art Class

Our Beginner Art Class is most suitable for creative students who have less experience in the world of art. Those who have had some to no formal art training should select this class. Beginner classes are formulated to enforce fundamental art concepts through still life exercises and guided lessons. Becoming well-versed in the foundations of all art forms is the focus and primary goal of this class. Class meets Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and again on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:45pm to 6:45pm.

Intermediate and Advanced

Art Class

Intermediate/Advanced Art Classes are formulated to cater to artists that have had considerable formal art experience. Lessons are focused on learning more advanced artistic concepts, as well as strengthening fundamental skills. Students will be encouraged to experiment with many different mediums. These classes will focus on furthering the personal goals of each artist and creating quality artwork. Class meets on Monday and Wednesday from 6:40pm to 7:40pm.