All The Arts in One Place   

Sheet Music
  Private and Group Music Classes   

We teach a wide variety of musical instruments. When people ask what instruments we teach we simply respond, every instrument in the orchestra plus banjo! Traditionally music is taught through private instruction, but we also offer group lessons to nourish our multi-instrumentalists. Our students are also encouraged to participate in different ensembles so they can learn to make music together. We train our students to have a full understanding of music and encourage and nurture their talents catering to their musical likes with a classical foundation.

Art Lessons
  Private Art Classes   

Our art studio caters to creatively driven students of all skill levels. We train our students in various forms of traditional art, including still life drawings, imaginative artwork and painting. Private, engaged lessons are available for all levels of art. Lessons are designed to teach students the techniques necessary in order to express their own artistic ideas on paper through any medium you imaginable. We aim to create a stimulating environment that fosters ingenuity and elevates the natural talents of our students.

Violin Lessons
  The Recording Studio  

Here at ASM Studios we don't just teach. We are performers! We live by what we teach and apply what we have learned. All of our artists are actively involved in albums, performances, videos, published art work, dances companies and more! We not only have the talent, but also the equipment. We have produced a number of albums and works for artists like Bria Skonberg, Troy Gifford, One Sacrifice and others. We are not just audio engineers but MUSICIANS that understand music. We mix, record, and master like musicians. We specialize not only in Audio but Video recording as well. Click on the banner to check out some of the music videos we have produced.