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Our Music and Art Instructors


At ASM Studios we are a team of professionals. All the instructors are required to have or are currently finishing up their degrees in the field they are instructing. They are truly masters of their craft. When we say that our instructors are the best, it is because they truly are the best! Click on their pictures below to check out their bio and sample of their work. Just email or call (407) 255-7520 to schedule a lesson today! Use our button on the right side to get to your area of interest quickly.

Guitar Lessons

  Our Teachers    

Piano Lessons
Mrs. Carolynn
Drum Lessons
  Mr. Skylar  
Guitar Lessons
  Mr. Chris 
Cello Lessons
Mr. Christian

Owner & Founder

Piano - Violin - Viola

Owner & Studio Director -

Drumset - Percussion - Piano

Assistant Director

Acoustic & Electric Guitar - Composition - Jazz Improv - Piano

Violin - Cello - Upright Bass - Piano

Violin Lessons
Mr. Jordan

Violin - Viola - Cello - Piano

Mr. Steven

Flute - All Saxophones - Clarinet - Piano

Trumpet Lessons
Mr. Marco

Trumpet - French Horn - Euphonium - Trombone - Tuba - Piano

Voice Lessons
Ms. Angie

Voice - Piano

Art Classes
  Mrs. Nancy  

Visual Arts

Bassoon Lessons
Mr. Nick

Bassoon - Oboe - Piano

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